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Mink MM1402-1502

Repair kits for Busch Mink Dry Claw Pumps



  • GASKET KIT, MM1402-1502 AV

    Gasket Kit for Busch Mink Dry Claw Pumps, includes o-rings, gasket, and shaft seals for minor maintenance of the pump.
    Fits MM142AV and MM1502AV models.
    OEM Part Number
  • OVERHAUL KIT, MM1402-1502 AV

    Overhaul Kit for Busch Mink Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps, includes o-rings, gaskets, shaft seals, bearings, sleeves, etc., for a major overhaul of the pump.
    Fits MM1402 AV and MM1502 AV models
    OEM Part Number


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