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Repair Process


Here is what happens when you send your turbo pump to Capitol for repair:


Each pump is inspected for any shipping damage, missing parts and accessories present (vent valve, fan, adapters, etc.) and then it is logged into our system.


If possible the pump is tested with the proper controller and any problems observed are noted.


The pump is disassembled and carefully inspected for any internal damage. Shaft, turbine rotor and stators, motor windings and coolant connections are all subject to scrutiny.


We quote the cost for a standard repair (normal wear items) when you contact us. For most pumps this will be the actual cost of the repair. After disassembly and inspection if any extra parts or service charges are required a revised quotation is issued to the customer via their preferred method of contact (verbal, fax, or email). If no extra charges are required we proceed with the repair immediately.


All parts are cleaned thoroughly using methods that are tailored for each specific material.


Every pump is assembled using new O-rings, wicks, lubricating washers or nuts and ultra-precision ceramic bearings with a precision rating of ABEC7 or higher.


Rotor assemblies are balanced in steps, starting with a low speed balance and increasing to full speed balance under vacuum. Our Balance Quality Grade of G-1(ISO1940/1 & ANSI S2.19) is often more precise than the OEM specifications. A balancing report is printed and included with your pump.


For safety, balancing is performed prior to the installation of stator rings. These parts are now installed and the pump is ready for testing.


Every pump is tested for a minimum of 24 hours. Speed, pressure, current and other critical parameters are monitored for any aberration from nominal.


Each pump is bagged in plastic and packed into a box with a foam-in-place system. The foam is specially formulated to protect the pump from damage during shipment.


Pumps are shipped using the customer’s preferred carrier. If there is no preferred carrier we ship via UPS and insure for the replacement value of the pump.

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